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I’ve come across several people I follow on Twitter who despair that they are imposters, and their book will never be good enough for publication.

You are not an imposter. Almost every author – especially first time authors – experiences that niggling feeling that all the effort they put into their work will all come to naught, and become convinced that it’s just not worth the effort.

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Don’t give up, and don’t sabotage yourself. Start writing about something you enjoy, and give little thought about whether your work will ever be published. If you hate what you’re writing, you have two choices:

  1. Edit your work in such a way that you can happily carry on with it.
  2. Scrap it all and start over with something that will hold your interest.

If you do neither of these, your heart will not be in your project, and your prose will be affected by that. Write about what you enjoy; something that will hold your attention long enough to finish with a well-polished and interesting manuscript.

Remember, the road to overnight success is a long, difficult plot hole. I mean pothole.

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